What are the benefits of Co-Living?

Are you thinking about co-living but not sure where to start?  Let’s talk about it! Maybe you have been traveling the world as a digital nomad or maybe you’ve just started with a new remote work gig.  No matter where you are at in the process, co-living is a concept that is gaining traction on a global scale.  Whether you are ready dive into a co-living space or not, let’s Here at Live Anywhere we compiled a few benefits of co-living to help those see if it is the right choice for them. take a look at a few of the benefits of co-living. can provide both you and those you end up with.


Many would consider community the top benefit of co-living.  Anyone who’s has been on the road solo for as little as a couple of months will tell you how difficult it can be to make any sort of relationship.  Yes, you can find a co-working space or coffee shop with spotty WIFI. Sharing an office space is different that building relationships and creating memories with your fellow co-living members.

Co-living allows those with the ability to work anywhere an outlet to travel and build relationships with other digital nomads in the same situation as yourself.  While roommates always can have their ups and downs, at least now you have a group of people where you can share your previous digital nomad experiences.  Not only that, but now you can make more memories (good or bad) with your new roommates.

Many shared housing spaces like this will also offer some monthly events like movie nights, barbecues, and game nights. Some will even offer work or challenges nights where you talk about any work issues that you need help pushing through.  These events are great for getting to know your housemates in casual settings and lay a foundation for your relationship to grow.  While these maybe “scheduled” nights for your space, obviously, you can set up similar events without it.

Privacy versus Collaboration – You Can Have Both!

Even if you would consider yourself an introvert, co-living can still accommodate your hesitations or anxieties of moving in with strangers.  Most co-living spaces have furnished rooms complete with private bathrooms to provide the option for you to have a private space.  This includes your such as your own furnished room and private bathroom to .  Need a break from you might need people after a hard day’s work. or just want to watch what you want to watch on Netflix?  No problem, most spaces have this covered for you.

Similar to co-working, co-living still gives you the opportunity to collaborate with others on a regular basis.  You may work a 40 hour week but the majority of remote workers work outside the 9-5 time frame. This means that you might still have work to do, even when you’re not at your co-work space or after the coffee shop has closed.  

Co-living allows you the opportunity to bounce ideas off of others late at night or as soon as you wake up in the morning throughout all hours of the day.  Not that we would encourage waking up a housemate to ask them a question (trust us), but living with others obviously gives you access to more conversations and sometimes you are more creative later at night or first thing in the morning on a more flexible schedule than traditional offices would allow.


Yes, you can save money by co-living!  Okay, so Maybe not as much money as you might save if you were crashing in hostels or on a friends couch month to month, but you get more bang for your buck for a higher quality of living.  Co-living spaces often have amenities included with their pricing such has high-speed WIFI, onsite laundry, and stocked household supplies like toiletries and coffee. Many spaces also have a cleaning service that will come in on a regular basis to tidy things up in your house.  So even if you’re living with someone who doesn’t clean up their messes, at least you know it will get cleaned up eventually.

Your “quality” of living also goes up increases in a co-living space. as you’re not paying to live in shared space.  This means that instead of a hostel or hotel, you are paying for a house large enough to accommodate 5-20 people.  You will be living large in shared spaces like kitchens and entertainment rooms.

Co-living also means you won’t be stuck with covering the rent after a flakey roommate moves departs. Have you ever had a roommate move out with little or not notice?  Did you get stuck paying for their rent until you found some to take their space?  This is no longer any issue.  While you may have people moving in or out any given month, your monthly payment will not change. Furthermore you won’t have to sift through online ads from strangers looking to take their space.

So what are you waiting for?

Co-living is on the rise and as remote working and the digital nomad community continues to grow on a global scale. Now is a great time to join communities before these spaces get booked up and you are left with the creepy private room on Airbnb.  Here at Live Anywhere, we are trying to simplify the remote living process and disrupt real estate.  We started this company to help those who can work anywhere, live anywhere they want.  While we may be competing with a growing market, We are here to help you make this dream a reality! Please sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop as we grow.

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