We quickly learned while developing Live Anywhere that one of the most difficult challenges for the growing remote living, digital nomad community was building and maintaining relationships.  This is why building community is our core goal for any of our locations.  Being a digital nomad offers you great opportunities to travel continuously and have amazing experiences while doing so but let’s face it, if you are doing this all on your own, it gets hard and you get lonely over time.

Live Anywhere is here to provide you with resources to not only make moving from one location to the next less of a pain but to help you share life with others who are just like you.  Each location we have offers in-house events that help you to build relationships and do life together.

We also utilize Slack for in-house communication. Did the downstairs bathroom run out of toilet paper, let our slackbot know.  Want to see if anyone will be awake at 10:00 for brunch down the street? Post it in Slack and see who else is craving those breakfast tacos.  Want to be left alone so you can focus on a deadline?  Let the house know in Slack, and left alone you shall be!

Want to learn more about our locations and launch?  Head over here and shoot us a message!  We’d love to get you on our newsletter and get your help as we help you build your own special community.